A message from Roland.
Love is Eternal…The afterlife teaches us how to live our best lives. It teaches how to communicate love. It offers messages from those who have passed. The connections we make, here and now, leave impressions. Join the journey today.

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Roland's Media

Internationally acclaimed spiritual Medium Roland Comtois has over 40 years of experience as an inspirational speaker, author, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher, grief specialist and geriatric nurse. Roland’s multi-faceted approach to healing and crossing over as well as the messages from his Signature Purple Papers leave his audiences inspired.

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Over 40 Years as a

nurse, medium and spiritual teacher helping people find comfort in life despite overwhelming loss and pain; showing how to live beyond grief by sharing messages that eternal love exists. Genuine. Compassionate. Clear-sighted. Loving.

Purple Papers

Prewritten messages of hope

One-Man Stage Show

Story telling with original score and lyrics


Works that inspire and heal broken hearts

Annual Living Beyond Loss Conference

Grief support, alterative care, education


Awe-inspired channeled experiences


TV, radio, Facebook live, podcast, YouTube

Charitable Work

Fundraising, end-of-life support, community outreach

International Travel

Italy, the Holy Land, England, Ireland